IATI is an innovative travel platform enhancing the abilities and possibilities for every stake holder in travel sector.

How can IATI benefit your business? IATI for Travel Agents

If you are looking for an all in one innovative travel product, than IATI is the right solution for you. IATI platform contains all the travel products and tools that a travel agent has to offer its customers:

    ► Broad product range:
    • Regular Flights
    • Low Cost Carriers
    • Charters
    • Private Jets
    • Hotels
    • Transfers
    • Dynamic Packaging
    • Rent a Car
    ►Online sales through your own webpage by direct xml connection or iframe. (Requires seperate software development by agency)
    ►Easy access and user friendly design
    ►Excessive know-how on travel services
    ►Superior back office support – simple and prompt accounting services.
    ►Various payment types like;
    • Credit Card
    • VPOS
    • Credit Account
    • Prepaid Account
    ►Internal Fraud Detection Process in order to minimize profit leaks
    ►Automated passenger notification system via e-mail and SMS
    ►Call center support 24/7
IATI for Hotels

With IATI, you can open the gates of your hotel to the whole world. IATI connects your hotel with the travel agents worldwide in realtime.

With its innovative quota and price management tools, you can control your product and prices instantly.

Create a new rooom, define a quota and price, and you are online ready to sell your product.

With IATI's revolutionary Hweb technology, you can offer online reservation through your own website to your customers, enabling them to create a dynamic travel package, including room, flights and transfer. You can also offer promotions or discounts to your repeating customers.

For more information about how to sell your hotel rooms with IATI, please contact

IATI for Airlines

IATI has an enourmous portfolio of flights, consisting of regular flights, low cost carriers and charter flights. All capacities and reservations are online through direct XML connections with airlines.

You can make available your empty seats through IATI system to travel agents all around the world.

For more information about how to make an XML connection with IATI, please contact

IATI for Travel Product Wholesalers

All IATI products are available to wholesalers through direct XML connection. You can connect all suppliers online and sell in realtime. Either you are an wholesaler, selling online through internet, or a metasearch engine leading traffic to suppliers, you can enlarge your product portfolio quickly with IATI.

IATI for Tour Operators

IATI has incoming services for tour operators who would like to send customers to Turkey. Incoming services includes welcome, transfer and guide operations, excursion and shopping sales.

IATI incoming services will soon be available in Egypt, Thailand and other popular holiday destinations.

If you would like send your customers to Turkey and looking for a reliable partner, please contact

IATI for Other Travel Product Suppliers

IATI product range is not limited to flight tickets, hotels and transfer services.

Excursion sales, ski pass and, etc. visa support services, and regional transfer options are soon available through IATI system.

If you would like to include your travel products to IATI system, please contact